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The mission of tnAchieves is to increase higher education opportunities for Tennessee high school students by providing last-dollar scholarships with mentor guidance. 


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  • Meet our July Mentor of the Month, Peggy E. Pate Smith (Sage)! If you would like to become a mentor like Peggy, click here for more information: Occupation: Montessori Teacher, Writer, and Social Media Coordinator for the East Chattanooga Academy of Art and Social Justice Why you chose to mentor: Just traversing the winding and treacherous world of FASFA, deadlines, and choices to get into college can feel overwhelming and unsurmountable. I learned this helping my son do the paperwork required to enter college and I remember how helpless it felt not knowing who to ask for guidance. Once I had done the hard work and learned how to help him I wanted to use those skills to help someone else. Being a mentor for the tnAchieves program I was not only able to help the students I mentored but also develop meaningful friendships I hadn’t expected. I truly believe the TnAchieves Program has the potential to revolutionize our state by providing a stronger community leadership and workforce for the future. Best tnAchieves Moment: For Valentine’s day I made binders for the students I mentored. The binders were personalized for each student with encouraging quotes, tips, and organizational tabs and sheet protectors to help them keep up with all the paperwork they would need as they started college and beyond. The students were very thankful and one sent me a text to let me know that just having the binder helped her feel confident that all the steps she would have to take would be manageable. She was showing her friends and helping them see how it was organized. She was now becoming a mentor for others.07-07-2015
  • Meet our July Student of the Month, Monica Lieser! Where did you graduate high school? I graduated high school from Trinity Christian Academy. I was home schooled all 12 years. What college do you plan to attend, and what will you major in? I plan to attend Pellissippi in the fall and then eventually transfer to UT. My major is Social Work (mainly in child placement). What did you do for your community service? I worked with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) helping with gardening, cleaning, and painting. We also worked with a lot of women and children at risk and living in poverty. Why did you choose this community service? I chose this community service because I strongly felt that was where God was telling me to go. It was during my trip in South Africa that I realized I wanted to major in social work, because my passion is dealing with the injustices of the world and especially when they involve children. What was the most rewarding part of your service? This opened my eyes to a lot of the injustices in the world, but it was rewarding to know that we did everything we could for them while we were there. It was satisfying to know that we didn't leave them alone, because there were people there to continue to help. What is the impact of tnAchieves so far? tnAchieves has impacted my decision for college so much! If it weren't for their amazing support and constant encouragement, I don't believe I would be on the road to success I am now. tnAchieves is putting so much hard work into making my future come together. Fun Fact: I lived in South Africa for 2 months, and I love to smile.07-06-2015
  • Have you been thinking about volunteering in your community? If so, check out our mentoring program. Our current mentors say that they spend 12 hours annually working with their students as they transfer to higher education. We need volunteers in 85 of 95 Tennessee counties! To learn more and to apply visit: or click "Sign Up" above.07-06-2015