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tnAchieves Mailing Address:
10427 Petsafe Way
Knoxville, TN 37932

Executive Director
Krissy DeAlejandro
(865) 621-9223

Director of Community Partnerships
Graham Thomas
(615) 604-1306

Director of Operations
Jackie Hartmann
(865) 405-9745

Director of College Completion
Kaci Murley
(901) 258-2177

Director of College Access
Amanda Bolden
(865) 898-0538

Research & Data Manager
Amy Bain
(714) 931-2127

Finance Manager
Maegan Tribble
(502) 345-1790

Memphis/Shelby Coordinator
Claire Brulatour
(901) 335-3480

Regional Coordinator
Alyce Burdine
(423) 534-6600

Regional Coordinator
Emily Conley
(615) 476-1354

TCAT Coordinator
Krista Elmore
(865) 441-4882

Regional Coordinator
Ann Massa
(423) 782-7510

Regional Coordinator
Sarah Elizabeth Swann
(404) 384-9193

Outreach Coordinator
Ben Sterling 
(865) 567-1140

Outreach Coordinator
Kellye Coleman
(540) 718-3303

To request copies of the application for recognition of exemption, annual information returns, governing documents, conflict of interest policy and/or financial statements, please send a formal request to 10427 Petsafe Way, Knoxville, TN 37932 or email Krissy DeAlejandro at

I am currently a...

I want to become a(n)...

Without tnAchieves, I would have been too frustrated with the overwhelming decisions and paperwork load.
- Hardin Valley H.S. Student
tnAchieves has given me the opportunity that will help me become anything I want to in life.
- Carter H.S. Student
As the only person in my family to ever go to college, tnAchieves has made it easier for me to understand what I need to do to succeed.
- Central H.S. Student
tnAchieves introduced me to my mentor, Charlee, who helped me get on track and kept me focused. With her help, I was able to realize that anything was possible.
- Fulton H.S. Student
My biggest goal is to go to college and follow my dream to become a nurse. This will help me make things better in my community.
- Gibbs H.S. Student
tnAchieves allowed me to build on the potential I know I have.
- Karns H.S. Student
All my life I always said that I would be the first in my family to make it to college and graduate. tnAchieves is helping my dream come true.
- Austin East H.S. Student
Going to college would be a milestone that I can not hope to reach without the help of tnAchieves.
- Powell H.S. Student
Receiving a tnAchieves scholarship lifted such a weight off my shoulders.
- South-Doyle H.S. Student